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Updated 20th of September, 2016

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Please keep in mind that ALL of the babies in the Gallery Sections have already been sold and are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

If you see one that you are interested in, please feel free to email me at and I will see if I can find the sculpt you are interested in.

A lot of times once a sculpt is sold out, it will be next to impossible to find one.  If one is found, the price of the kit can be very expensive.  I've found some kits that the seller wants up to $500 just for the kit, therefore, the price I would need to charge for supplies and reborning will be a lot more.

Below are pictures of babies I have completed and have been sold:

Honey sculpts #'s 2,3 & 4
By Donna RuBert

Toddler Doll Bo Elle by Adrie Stoete

Ariella #2 by Reva Schick 

Andrea by Gerlinde Fesser

Luca sculpts



Jordan by Adrie Stoete

Dumplin by Donna RuBert

Deidre by Adrie Stoete

Blossom by J Lynne

Blossom by J Lynne

Avery by Denise Kouns-Pratt

Angelina by Petra Seiffert





Adeline by Tamie Yarie

Chase by Cheryl Webber

Blossom by J Lynn

Amy by Elly Knoops

Shaya by Felicia Sherbon

Daisy by Adrie Stoete

Kaia by Joanna Gomes


Lilah #2 - Sheila Michael

Kenzie Rae - Val Shelton

Mattie Rae - Val Shelton

Tessa  - Sebilla Bos

Trey - Michelle Fagan

Keeyan - Cathy Rowland

Lennie - Elly Knoops

Nelly - Nell de Mann

Talia - Sheila Michael

Tabatha - Pat Moulton

Lidy by Didi Jacobsen

Layla by Tamie Yarie

Shy Face Berenguer

Shy Face Berenguer #2

Hannah by Elly Knoops

Luca by Elly Knoops

Sleeping Rosebud - curly white blonde hair

Honey by Donna RuBert

Yawning Sleeping Berenguer

African/American Luca by Elly Knoops

Nils by Gudron Legler

Luca - by Elly Knoops

  Luca sculpt by Elly Knoops

Michelle by Evelina Wosnjuk

Ariella by Reva Schick

 Luca by Elly Knoops

 Luca by Elly Knoops

Ronnie by Bonnie Brown

Kyra by Eva Helland

Rebecca by Reva Schick

Silly Goose" by Secrist Dolls

Tessa by Sebilla Bos

Silly Dreams Berenguer. 

Ethnic Luca (made from a dark brown vinyl kit)

Nelly by Nell de Man

Maya by Reva Schick

Puddin by J. Lynn

Paige and Ember by Tasha Edenholm


Sleeping Rosebud w/brown curly hair

Antonio Juan doll

Lilah #1 by Sheila Michael

Skye by Angela Harris

Coplin by Aleina Peterson

Set of twins that I did, Kaya and Kyra both by Eva Helland


Kylin by Laura Tuzio-Ross

Riley by Aleina Peterson

Another set of twins, Sam and Sera, both by Marissa May

Vienna by Andrea Arcello



Landyn sculpt by Misty Hyndman

Benjamin by Adrie Stoete

Bethany by Shelly Halperin

Chrisy by Pat Moulton


Madeleine by Birgit Friedrich Gutzwiller







Zoe by Rolanda Heimer

Sugar by Donna RuBert

Rory by Dawn Donofrio

Shyann by Aleina Peterson

Sweet Lips sculpt  a Lee Middleton doll sculpted by Reva Schick


The babies below are my second and third Trey sculpts by Michelle Fagan


Corey by Pat Secrist

Isabeau by Danielle Zweers

Sarah awake by Kim Van de Wetering

Another Trey sculpt that was a special order doll for a friend of mine

Ava Raine by Laura Tuzio-Ross

Jonathan by Adrie Stoete

Mia by Adrie Stoete

Sleeping Rosebud Berenguer

 Tessa sculpt by Sebilla Bos









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