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Updated 7th of April, 2014

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Please keep in mind that ALL of the babies in the Gallery Sections have already been sold and are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

If you see one that you are interested in, please feel free to email me at and I will see if I can find the sculpt you are interested in.

A lot of times once a sculpt is sold out, it will be next to impossible to find one.  If one is found, the price of the kit can be very expensive.  I've found some kits that the seller wants up to $500 just for the kit, therefore, the price I would need to charge for supplies and reborning will be a lot more.

Below are pictures of babies I have completed and have been sold:

This is a Walter sculpt by Laura Tuzio-Ross, he is a sold out sculpt
but I do have a bi-racial Walter to make.

Sold out Serene sculpt by Tamie Yarie

Allisanne Sculpt by Stephanie Sullivan

Sugar sculpt by Donna RuBert

Honey sculpt by Donna RuBert

Serene Fairy by Shawna Clymer
This is part of my private collection

Shyann sculpt by Aleina Peterson

Sold out Bliss Fairy by Shawna Clymer
She is part of my private collection

Sold out Ryan sculpt by Natalie Scholl

Rosebud Berenguer

Special order "Trey sculpt" by Michelle Fagan
Made especially for Roxann Johnston



Another "Noah" sculpt by Reva Schick
Special order for my sister-in-law Norbi Wiley

Luca sculpt


Bailee by Lorna Miller-Sands

Special Order baby for Michelle Hodgkins


Dee Dee sculpt by Linda Murray

adopted by

Charlotte of LA


Astrid by Sandra Maxwell

Nala by Sandy Faber

Tatum Noel by Sandy Faber

Allisann #2 by Stephanie Sullivan

Sadie by Elly Knoops

Shyann by Aleina Peterson

Boy Ember


Auburn Haired Honey


Anastasia by Dee Statsny

Gracie #1 by Ann Timmerman

Gracie #2 by Ann Timmerman

Maya by Linda Murray

Andi Asleep by Linda Murray

Josiah by Laura Tuzio-Ross

Sarah by Kim Van de Watering


Ethnic Walter by Laura Tuzio-Ross


Ethnic Kaya


Ethnic Kyra


Andi Awake by Linda Murray


Serah by Adrie Stoete


Juliet by Marissa May


Angel Face Berenguer for my friend, Ada!


Jody by Linda Murray


Toddler Sleeping Arianna by Reva Schick


Sleeping Rebecca #2 by Reva Schick
only as a boy this time.


Amelie by Linda Murray


"Lil" Champ by Laura Tuzio-Ross


Noah by Reva Schick
with Milk and Honey coloring


Bi-racial Ariella #1 and #2 by Reva Schick


Holly by Donna Ru Bert


Welcome Back Taylor by Tamie Yarie


Hattie by Cassie Peek


Rowan by Jessica Schenk


Eliza by Donna Ru Bert


Scarlet by Cindy Musgrove


Special Order Coco-Malu by Elisa Marx



Sleeping Rosebud Berenguer from 2009


Sleeping Rosebud Berenguer

July 2013


Sleeping Rosebud Berenguer with

South African Curly Blonde hair

August, 2013


Elliott by Michelle Fagan

Grant by Michelle Fagan


Julietta by Natali Blick


Keely by Dee Stastny


Laura by Laura Tuzio-Ross


Stephanie by Phil Donnelly


Teagan by Denise Pratt


Romeo by Natali Blick


Lane and Leah by Sandra White


Adeline by Tamie Yarie

Part of my personal collection.












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